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Breeding Grounds Accepted to STIFFestival!

TitleWithBurnedHouseSquare650STIFFOur project Breeding Grounds has been selected by the Seattle Transmedia and Independent Film Festival! We will be showing Breeding Grounds as well as our two other short “In world” films “Sister Aubrey’s Vision” and “Interview with a Triple”.

Once the schedule is announced, we’ll post the date and time. Stay tuned and come out to see us!



Behind the Scenes: Mark Chandler, Director

In Breeding Grounds, a trio of post-World-War-III survivors trade their procreative services for a chance at a new life in a safe haven.  In this behind the scenes interview, Director Mark Chandler shares the craft and the process that went into telling the story.

This is Mark’s second time in the director’s chair with SFC. Mark brings patience and artistic persistence to his projects, drawing out the best performances from actors and crew members.  He is a board member with SFC and Freehold Theatre.  He also loves to dance.

Behind the Scenes: Bob Freeman, Editor and Producer

Bob Freeman was the driving force behind the pre-production, production, and post-production of the Breeding Grounds short film and transmedia videos, photographs, and digital art. In this behind the scenes interview, Bob tells us what Breeding Grounds is all about and how we got it done.

Bob Freeman is passionate about producing films of high caliber and has surrounded himself with a network of creative and supportive film artists. He is the founder of The Seattle Filmmakers’ Collective and an award winning filmmaker and animator. He is an owner of Bad Alien Productions in Bothell. He has produced or directed a dozen short films and animations and been involved in numerous technical roles on countless other films. He is a “generalist” but specializes in Producing, Directing, Editing and Audio Production.

Behind the Scenes: Jeff Barber, Writer and Producer

Jeff Barber created the written story world for Breeding Grounds, produced the transmedia videos, and leads the ongoing marketing and distribution efforts.

Jeff Barber is an SFC board member and founder of Laughing Tortoise, LLC, a Washington-based transmedia franchise development company. Since graduating from TheFilmSchool Seattle in 2012, he has been involved in six short film projects (three with SFC); the locally-produced, award-winning, internationally distributed STILL: The Web Series (premiering August 6, 2015 on Hulu); and two transmedia prototypes. Learn more about Jeff’s work at, or at IMDB.

Behind the Scenes: Karen Mann, Script Supervisor

In this behind the scenes interview, Karen Mann shares her experience working with SFC on the “Breeding Grounds” short film.

Karen is new to the SFC community, but she is contributing in a big way.  For “Breeding Grounds” she acted as a script supervisor.  Now she is assisting in the development of SFC’s very own film education school – The Film Lab.  She has worked on films in the past as a production assistant and consultant.

Behind the Scenes: Philip Ryan, Audio Engineer – Studio and Location

Philip Ryan was our studio audio engineer for all 17 of the “Breeding Grounds” movies, and provided location sound and boom for the “Breeding Grounds” short film.

An active participant in the local film industry, Philip provides audio services on set and in the studio.  After gaining an education in music production in Florida, he brought his talents to the Pacific North West.  This is Philip’s third project with SFC, and second as our sound editor.  He led SFC’s first ADR recording session during the post-production events of this film’s development.

Behind the Scenes: George Borchers, Set Construction

The characters in “Breeding Grounds” live in a former FEMA facility that has evolved into a safe haven for producing the next generation of America’s leaders. In this behind the scenes interview, George Borchers talks about how he and his team built a realistic world on a micro budget.

George is an original SFC member and he’s worked on all three of our projects to date. His background in theatrical set construction and lighting is invaluable to raising the production value of SFC’s projects. Learn more about George on IMDB.

Behind the Scenes

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