The “Breeding Grounds” crew finished their first day of shooting with complete success!  They even managed to stay mostly within the planned schedule, which is a significant achievement considering the number of moving parts that must be coordinated to pull off a day of shooting.  It is very impressive how well the cast and crew are able to overcome the many last-minute challenges that arise.  The team is very nimble, and everyone seemed to have a good time.  Todd came through with some great pictures which we’ll be sharing over the next few days.  Here we have a small sample.  Looking forward to Day 2!

 20150222-_MG_2074 20150222-_MG_2092 20150222-_MG_2094 20150222-_MG_2459 20150222-IMG_1916 20150222-IMG_1983  20150222-_MG_1986 20150222-_MG_2000  20150222-_MG_2007

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