Behind the Scenes: George Borchers, Set Construction

The characters in “Breeding Grounds” live in a former FEMA facility that has evolved into a safe haven for producing the next generation of America’s leaders. In this behind the scenes interview, George Borchers talks about how he and his team built a realistic world on a micro budget.

George is an original SFC member and he’s worked on all three of our projects to date. His background in theatrical set construction and lighting is invaluable to raising the production value of SFC’s projects. Learn more about George on IMDB.

Behind the Scenes: How I Got Pregnant

“Breeding Grounds” actors Katie Hemming and Ronda May Olshefski demonstrate how their unique approaches to appearing pregnant in their roles as Rachel S. and Emily C. , the sister wives featured in the Eastern Reach orientation video, “Interview With A Triple.”

Behind the Scenes: Ronda May Olshefski and Katie Hemming as Emily C. and Rachel S.

Ronda May Olshefski and Katie Hemming co-star in the behind the scenes video, “How I Got Pregnant” and play sister wives in “Interview With A Triple,” one of the transmedia storyworld videos from the Eastern Reach archives. They also appear together in the marketplace scene of the short film, “Breeding Grounds.”

Ronda May Olshefski is a freelance actress and model in the Seattle area. Her feature film credits include supporting roles in “Spaceship Terror”—picked up by Robin Hood films, “Blood Demon Rising”, and “Sisterhood of Death.” She landed the lead role in the marketing trailer for the film “Red Tide”, as well as a guest star role in Epytombs; local TV commercials for Honda, Watson’s Greenhouse and Nursery, and Bruce Titus Subaru; and music videos from local artists. Ronda’s print work includes DList Magazine as a 007 agent and Kai’outi Magazine as a Faerie Queen in “Beyond the Veil.” See more of Ronda’s work at her website,, and follow her on Facebook.

Katie Hemming is a film, television, and commercial actor in the Seattle area. Most recently, she co-starred in the chick flick horror feature “Marla Mae” and is currently shooting lead roles in the short films “Call 2 Romance” and “#kidnapped.” She grew up in Tacoma, WA and has a background in music, theatre, and opera. Check out more about Katie on her site: or at IMDB.

Behind the Scenes: Pearl Klein as Sister Aubrey

Pearl Klein stars as Sister Aubrey, the visionary leader of the safe haven, Eastern Reach. In this behind the scenes interview, Pearl offers insight into her character and the procreative society she has created.

Pearl started acting at the age of 39 in “The Vagina Monologues.” Until then, she was a college English instructor and poet; now she is an actor, screenwriter, director, producer, and video editor. This was her first time on a SFC project. Find out more about Pearl at Bold in Seattle or at IMDB.

Behind the Scenes: Matt Dy as Byron

Matt Dy stars as Byron, a pacifist who has has one last chance to find love and dignity by “doing his duty” with Eastern Reach’s newest recruits, Georgie and Ellen. In this behind the scenes interview, Matt analyzes his portrayal of Byron and how Byron claims his humanity in a world gone crazy.

Matt Dy discovered his passion for acting through learning how to direct. He graduated from Seattle Central Community College’s Film and Video program in 2007. His acting talents are in demand in the local independent filmmaking community. This is his first SFC project.

Behind the Scenes: Tabitha Bastien as Georgie

My name is Tabitha Bastien and I’m a film and television actress based in Seattle, WA.  I have had the pleasure of appearing in a wide range of independent films and web series, including lead roles in the feature films “The Anatomy of Monsters” and “The Anniversary” and have recurring roles in “Epytombs” and the award-winning series “STILL.”  I am originally from the Pacific Northwest and started performing at a young age, with lead roles in community theater productions and spent several years fronting the band Crush Uncrush.  Outside of the entertainment world, I am a proud vegan, animal rights activist, horror movie fan and lover of David Lynch films.

This is my first time working with SFC, but have worked with one of the Producers, Jeff Barber, on a previous film project.  I will be playing the role of Georgie in Breeding Grounds and had so much fun working with this wonderfully talented cast and crew.  Pleases visit my website to see some of my work at and I look forward to sharing our film with all of you!

Behind The Scenes: Telisa Steen as Ellen

Telisa Steen stars as Ellen, an injured ex-marine who finds her way to the post-war survival community Eastern Reach with her ward, Georgie. In this behind the scenes interview, Telisa talks about her experience working on Breeding Grounds and her interpretation of her character, Ellen.

Telisa is a local actor who works in film, television and commercials. She loves working on challenging character roles such as Ellen in Breeding Grounds. This was her first time on a SFC project, and she hopes it will be the first of many! Find out more about Telisa at her website:, or at IMDB.

That was fun!

Breeding Grounds is done!


We did our final render tonight and we are currently uploading the film to it’s first film festival submission. Congrats to the team! You should be proud. Come to the public premiere and you will see for yourself! Details are coming soon.

It’s a Wrap!

On Sunday “Breeding Grounds” completed principal photography.  The crew did an amazing job bringing Eastern Reach to life, and of course the cast continued to deliver stellar performances.  All attention now turns to the post-production team.  It’s safe to say that everyone is eager to see the latest creation from the Seattle Filmmakers’ Collective.

The sets presented a significant challenge to our production photographer combining limited space and few vantage points.  Todd managed to overcome these issues and once again delivered some great images as you can see below.

Going forward, I’m expecting the pace of blog updates to slow as we wait patiently for news from the post-production team.  We’ll be sure to let everyone know as soon as any new information is available.  If you’re not on Facebook, check-in periodically to get the latest.

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