It’s a Wrap!

On Sunday “Breeding Grounds” completed principal photography.  The crew did an amazing job bringing Eastern Reach to life, and of course the cast continued to deliver stellar performances.  All attention now turns to the post-production team.  It’s safe to say that everyone is eager to see the latest creation from the Seattle Filmmakers’ Collective.

The sets presented a significant challenge to our production photographer combining limited space and few vantage points.  Todd managed to overcome these issues and once again delivered some great images as you can see below.

Going forward, I’m expecting the pace of blog updates to slow as we wait patiently for news from the post-production team.  We’ll be sure to let everyone know as soon as any new information is available.  If you’re not on Facebook, check-in periodically to get the latest.

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Two on Two

On Saturday we were fortunate to have Mike Price join the production photography team.  I didn’t get a chance to learn much about Mike’s background, but I know he makes money with his camera.  Thanks for the great images Mike!

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Day Two Pictures!

As promised, here are more great shots from our production photographer Todd Burke.  Todd has an uncanny way of getting the timing “just right”.  These are all from Saturday, our second day of shooting for “Breeding Grounds”.

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Day Two

Today marks the second day of shooting for “Breeding Grounds”.  Against all odds we had sun, with more forecast for tomorrow.  Great weather for the cast and crew, but I’m sure our DP would have preferred some overcast for all the outdoor shots.

Today also marks my first foray into “real” video work.  I had the pleasure of working with Annette to generate footage for our “behind the scenes” elements.  Annette brings a wealth of media and communications expertise to the team, and I learned lots of cool little things.  For example “pauses are OK”, and “for interviews, try to maintain the interviewer at approximately the same height as the interviewee so they maintain a natural sight-line”.

As I type, the crew is working on the final shots.  The day has gone a bit longer than planned, but everyone appears to be in good spirits.  It’s really an impressive team.

The last day of shooting starts tomorrow.  Over the next few days we should have many new images to share.  Stay tuned for more!

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Two More Days


The week is racing by and it looks like the call sheet has already gone out for the weekend.  I just checked and we have now reached 62% of our fundraising goal!  With just a bit more support we can close the gap.  Do you know anyone who would like a piece of SFC history?  Don’t forget that there are many cool “Breeding Grounds” memorabilia items available.  Just click on the “I Want to Help!” link below, or the “Chip in!” button to the right.  Go ahead, take a look!

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I met Kristen last Sunday while everyone was getting setup for the gate sequence where she would have a brief but important role.  She wanted to try my glasses and of course I had to have the picture.  It turns out that there are often these little bits of “downtime” during a day of shooting.  If you’re on set and have some free time, see if Todd or I are around and we’ll be happy to take a few pictures.  If all the stars line-up just right, we can get you some fun shots for your collection.

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New Technology!

Thanks to Bob we now have the ability to publish more functional photo albums to the blog.  Here are some more shots from Sunday…

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Day 1 – Mission Accomplished

The “Breeding Grounds” crew finished their first day of shooting with complete success!  They even managed to stay mostly within the planned schedule, which is a significant achievement considering the number of moving parts that must be coordinated to pull off a day of shooting.  It is very impressive how well the cast and crew are able to overcome the many last-minute challenges that arise.  The team is very nimble, and everyone seemed to have a good time.  Todd came through with some great pictures which we’ll be sharing over the next few days.  Here we have a small sample.  Looking forward to Day 2!

 20150222-_MG_2074 20150222-_MG_2092 20150222-_MG_2094 20150222-_MG_2459 20150222-IMG_1916 20150222-IMG_1983  20150222-_MG_1986 20150222-_MG_2000  20150222-_MG_2007

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Fundraising Update




Here’s a dynamic shot that Bob captured at rehearsal.  Nice!  The “Breeding Grounds” cast and crew are all primed and ready to start shooting.  Tomorrow’s forecast is for sun and highs around 56.  All the pieces are in place for a great shoot – who could ask for more?  Well, there is one thing…

The fundraising campaign is still running and though it’s made excellent progress, we still have a little ways to go.  Looks like we’re close to 60% of our goal.  Remember that the SFC is a volunteer group so no one is getting paid, but I guess there are expenses that must be covered.  If you’re able to chip in a few bucks, we’d really appreciate it!  Just click the “I want to help!” link below.

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