Thanks SO much to those who’ve contributed to our project! We’re about 1/4 of the way to our goal of $2000 to pay for our expenses around the 48 hour horror film project we’re doing THIS WEEKEND. That covers the basics like fees and most of the¬†food for the crew. Next we need to purchase makeup supplies and you know how much makeup horror movies use! Go here to support your local filmmakers¬†

To entice you further, we’ve made you another little horror movie for your coffee break entertainment. It’s called “Food Safety”. Enjoy.

Here are the credits for the film:

Produced by Seattle Film(makers’) Collective

Kristina Petrosyan as Cooper
Dan Crisafulli as Hutch

Produced and Directed by Bob Freeman
Written by Jeff Barber
Visual Effects by David Roomes
Edited by Max Sauer