Once again the Collective is entering another 48 hour filmmaking project happening this Oct 10-12.  Here’s the official website for it: http://www.48hourfilm.com/seattle/horror/

These projects go right to the core of what the Seattle Filmmakers’ Collective is all about. We are a cross-discipline group of filmmakers who are dedicated to building our skills in the craft while doing real projects. We have our core team put together and are assembling our cast and crew. Here’s the core team:


Bob Freeman, Co-owner of Bad Alien Productions and founder of Seattle Filmmakers’ Collective.

Marie Verschueren, Sales and Business Consultant and graduate of Freehold Theatre’s Acting for Theatre and Film


Mark Chandler graduate of Freehold Theatre’s Advanced Film Directing course and President of Freehold’s Board of Directors


Jeff Barber, Owner of Laughing Tortoise Media

We are assembling a cast and crew of about 25 skilled filmmakers from the collective to make you an entertaining horror flick. We need to get materials and feed these hungry artists, so we’ll be mounting a fundraising campaign in a few days and should have some fun things in store to entice and entertain you, so stay tuned.