As you may know, we are holding a fundraiser for our current project, the 48 hour horror film project. ( You might wonder where this money goes and how it benefits the world.

The mission of the Seattle Filmmakers’ Collective involves, among other things, building the skills of the members. We do this through several avenues: education, mutual critiques, workshops and practice, practice, practice. We join the 48 hour contests in order to give ourselves a deadline and a way to show off our work.

Filmmaking is expensive — even if you are just practicing. Of course, you can make movies with your smartphone that tell a story and entertain. That only gets you so far if you are serious about the craft. To take the art higher, you need tools. We are good at making some of the tools we use — we are excellent at pulling things out of thin air sometimes.

The money you donate to our fundraisers goes a long way. There are entry fees and taxes. There is food for the cast and crew for shooting day. There are supplies like makeup that can’t easily be duplicated any other way. These expenses are important, and happen on each production. Tools, on the other hand, are a long term investment. For each production, we try to budget in a little to add something to the toolbox. These things are purchased once, and can be used over and over again by the members of the collective as we practice our art.

This time, we are budgeting for a tool called a Slider. This supports the camera and allows it to slide along a 4′ track. You see these kinds of moving shots in a lot of movies. The Slider allows us to do this without using the cumbersome dolly tracks and dolly approach that takes a long time to setup and is hard to transport.

Please help us out and we promise to use it wisely to produce wonderful movies for your enjoyment.